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Calling all Volunteers!

VICTORIAN STATE CIRCUIT RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS - ROUND 3 AT WINTON The Victorian Mini Club, along with the other VSCRC Member Clubs will be hosting the next round of Championship Racing at Winton on the weekend of 17th and 18th of June.

With Winton being a favourite amongst competitors, this round stands to have some pretty spectacular fields, amongst some pretty super categories.

The VMCI needs to supply some volunteers to help the event run smoothly, and there are both inside sit down jobs and outside stand up jobs available to those who can help.

Be it inside or outside though (or a combination of the two), Winton, unlike Phillip Island, allows you to see almost the whole track from just about every of the vantage point.

Worried about where to sleep? We have you covered - there's a house organised by Krystian for those who are looking for a bed, for a very modest fee, much less than a hotel and much more social!

So if you want to come along, please do for either one day or two. It'll be good fun and your club will thank you.

To register your interest and help you get one of the plum jobs contact Krystian on 0448 597 266 or Michael on 0413 423 160.


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