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Consider helping out at Club motorsport events as an official. This can be both rewarding and educational. Contact the Competition Secretary to find out how you can lend a hand.


Autocross is a speed event on dirt, on a track less than 2 km in length. You compete with only the driver in the car, and the track is defined mainly by tyres.


Autocross is the perfect way to experience rallying, without the trauma of watching trees and cliffs flash by!


If ever a form of motorsport was designed for a Mini, Autocross would be it. The tracks are very smooth, although sometimes dusty. It's the same as racing at Phillip Island or Winton, but on dirt! However, in one lap of an Autocross track, you can pack the same driving experience as four laps at Winton


Different tracks have different rules. For example, the Geelong Motor Sports Complex at Avalon does not allow rally tyres, so road tyres must be used. (The Avalon track is so hard that sometimes the tyres squeal going around corners.)


You will find regulations for each event (called Supplement Regulations or "Supp Regs") attached to the calendar item. The Supp Regs provide full details of the event and an entry form.

Autocross is value for money. Come and play! Autocross will not disappoint!


You can compete in Autocross events from as young as 14 years of age, which gives teenagers a very valuable opportunity to learn and develop skills for years before actually getting on the roads.



Road cars are perfect to compete in for this format of racing. Cars do not require special roll-over protection. All that's required is a fire extinguisher, second bonnet catch and a helmet. Autocross is a very family-friendly, club-level activity.



You don't need a regular driver's licence to compete, but you will need a Motorsport Australia licence in order to compete. This can be obtained by completing the licence application form found here.  The cost is $145 for Adults or $35 for juniors aged 14-17 years, and the licence will last for 12 months. Alternatively, you can sign up at most VMCi run events - just give the organiser of the event a call to check that sign up will be available on site.

This video (courtesy of Motorsport Australia) provides more info about Autocross.


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